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Autism is one of the most complicated and confusing labels that a child can be given. The reason it is so confusing is that it is a symptomatic label. This means there is no disease, as such, of autism, there are just unexplained symptoms manifested, and if a child displays enough of them they will receive the label.


Down Syndrome - A Christian Neurodevelopmental Approach

The first purpose of this paper is to give you hope for a bright future for your child with Down Syndrome. A diagnosis of Down Syndrome typically comes with specific lists of what to expect and what the future holds. Don't believe them.


What It Is To Be "Labeled" Learning Disabled

Someone you know or love has been labeled "learning disabled." What does this mean? What are you to do now? The first and most important thing you can do is try to find out and understand what exactly does this label mean. It absolutely does not mean that someone has a disease. It does not have anything to do with how intelligent a person is. And it does not mean you have to accept it and live a life learning how to 'cope' with this problem. You need to try and find out what exactly the underlying inefficiencies are and then start eliminating them.

Down Syndrome/Autism - Dual Diagnosis

There is a small, but consistent and significant, portion of the children with Down Syndrome who also become labeled as autistic. Once parents have come to terms with the diagnosis of Down syndrome and all it entails, the addition of yet another label, another set of obstacles, often becomes overwhelming. In this article I hope to provide families with: demystifying information regarding the label of 'autistic'; proactive observation techniques to detect autistic-like or sensory behaviors; and practical ideas for eliminating the behaviors.

Who has overcome learning disabilities?

I get the calls all the time: my child is 12 and is labeled ADD and can't read; my child is dyslexic and struggling with school; my child is in resource and it's affecting her self esteem; I'm homeschooling 6 children, but my 13 year old just isn't "getting it" and takes up all my time; I know he's bright but the teachers say he's too distractable and I should have him tested and possibly put on medication; my child can't follow directions; my child knows all the phonics rules but just can't seem to put it all together, my child is ADHD, my child is CAPD, my child is bipolar or ODD or has attachment disorder. A plethora of labels and problems; a world of worried and concerned parents.