Cyndi's Story

cyndipictureWorking in the field of special needs and learning has been my passion since childhood. As a teen I began by volunteering in schools for the disabled and working as a teacher's aide in the special ed classrooms. Originally, I was planning to be a special education teacher, but God led my life in a different direction.

I spent over a decade after graduating from high school being a foster parent and parent advocate in the special education system. Some of my experiences included volunteering with PAVE - a parent training organization that empowers parents with their legal rights in the special education system- and parenting 21 children. The children came with various labels: learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, hearing impaired, health impaired, schizophrenic, emotionally disturbed, developmentally delayed, attachment disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, chromosome disorder, autistic, cerebral palsy and seizure disorder.

I kept busy during these years researching methods of improving the function of my children. I became involved with a neurodevelopmental program which was based on research from the l950's. I began volunteering to help explain programs to parents and used this method with at least nine of my family members. In addition to the neurodevelopmental method, I realized that overall health was a key component to achieving wellness in all people. I searched endlessly trying to find better and more effective methods of dealing with health problems. My son, who has a seizure and chromosome disorder, was the impetus behind my search.

In the early l990's I found a wonderful company called Life Balances. It was founded by a man, named John Kitkoski, who was a genius in understanding physiology, biochemistry and environmental science. He was able to help me help my son in ways no one else was able to. With my dedication to the NeuroDevelopmental Approach, I have also become a strong advocate and believer in the need to address metabolic problems both individually and specifically.

I continue to study and learn more each day about our ability to impact physiology and therefore overall health and function. As I saw the progress in my children, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. I went back to school and graduated from Eastern Washington University, summa cum laude, in 1994 receiving two degrees, a B.S. in Developmental Psychology and a B.A. in Applied Psychology. I was then trained and certified as a Neuroeducational Consultant by the National Association for Child Development. For the next three or more years I evaluated children and worked with their families at implementing programs.

At the end of l997, I went on staff with the National Association for Child Development. During my employment with them, I both evaluated and designed program for hundreds of hurt children and their families. At the beginning of l999, I found it necessary to leave NACD. As a Christian parent, I became increasingly alarmed at a movement towards using products and forming partnerships that had ties to the New Age Movement.

As a Christian NeuroDevelopmentalist and parent, I saw the need for an organization which is openly Christian that has the ability to incorporate Christian philosophies as well as to guard against New Age influences, while at the same time delivering high quality assessments, programs and information to parents regarding their child's development. To accomplish these goals, I recently established CAN-DO, Christian Access to NeuroDevelopmental Organization.

I believe in exploring new options which may enhance my work; therefore, I recently received training, Level I and Level II in the Bowen Technique. This is a soft, gentle tissue manipulation which has the ability to greatly enhance healing, especially for those with severe physical problems. I am continuing my training, research and expertise in the ever complex field of neurodevelopmental organization.

God willing, we can help you and your children too. :-)

- Cyndi